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It’s time to invest in you, in your ability to think outside the box, market yourself and create a wave of business that will build and sustain. Here are 6 possibilities to help market yourself to greater sales

  1. Have a true PERSONAL marketing plan. Develop a strategy consisting of mailings, personal 1-to-1 telemarketing, referral and reward programs, newsletters either digitally or printed and mini seminars along with other informal educational formats that are designed to build a relationship with your prospects and existing clients over time.
  2. Pick up the phone. There is no better way to market than speaking to someone. The phone is one of the BEST ways to do that. Look to the digital world to help you find those people! Alternatively – find a PHONEBOOK! — It’s free.
  3. 3. Referrals. If you’re not doing this today – START – it is the simple most effective manner in increasing your first touch sales opportunities.  If you begin to do this practice, you will find that within 180 days your business pipeline will increase by over 30%, simply because you are asking. Don’t believe me….do it for yourself and believe YOU!
  4. 4. Develop a “Faucet” list. Some people have “bucket lists” of things that they want to do and experience.  Create your own FAUCET LIST! That is a list that identifies the best prospects or influencers that you want to continually stay in touch with, meet, and ultimately create deeper relationships that will result in a continuing sales. These “drips” will continue to provide you opportunity to provide resolutions and solutions for them with the products and services you offer. With this FAUCET LIST your “drips” will grow and create a valuable resource and a reason to reach out on a regular basis with key information that they need, want or desire. Handwritten notes offering a special opportunity, or a small gift, or a greeting of a special circumstance – anniversary of their business, etc, are great ways to keep your faucet dripping!  Keep your name out in front of your target audience.
  5. 5. Learn a new language. Ethnic groups in our local markets continue to grow by leaps and bounds.  By establishing yourself as a Bi-lingual person, the immediate reaction is for people to seek you out. If you are professional and focused those you serve will quickly and to quickly refer you to others. A consumer who is not fluent in English will feel much more comfortable coming in to your business, because they will be understood! That comfort zone will build new clients for you.  Within 1 year of becoming fluent in a 2nd language that fits your community, you should have developed 100 new clients.  If you take 100 new clients times your average sales ticket, the math quickly adds up for YOU. Don’t miss out on this global opportunity and maybe, it will even open other doors!
  6. Business card roulette. Make those business cards that you swap everyday work for YOU! Each month put all of the business cards into one pile, pull out 1 card for each day of the month. Everyday peel off one card and contact that person. You will need to determine and set a strategy for each call, It may be a follow up to a conversation, possibly you were looking for business from them, or maybe they wanted something you have.  Regardless you swapped information, take 3 minutes and reach out and say hello, even if it is just to wish them a Happy Day!  You will be AMAZED at the results you get.  Experience it for yourself!