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Life becomes much easier to process and live within once you have received the magic button, The “YES” button. On my desk is the “YES” button and it is the answer to every question of the day, regardless of how the question is presented, yes is the power part of the answer.

In our everyday world we are bombarded with “I’m sorry, we don’t carry that itemWe aren’t able to sell the floor modelwe can’t….we don’t… No way… That is not our policy” – wouldn’t it be easier for those people to just say NO???   I guess that too many people choose to find spin words to say no!

Don’t be a spinner….rather be a button pusher. PUSH THE YES BUTTON!

Help your business become a YES company, say YES to empower your employees to find solutions for their customers. Make them Solutionists with a degree in YES! You should motivate, provide training opportunities and praise your teams when they can find and implement “Yes” answers for our customers. The value of a customer – priceless!

How can you get your teams empowered to say “YES”? First you have to train them to understand that every situation can and will be answered by YES. For example: A customer bought a television, took it home, and called back when they took it out of the box and advised it was cracked. The request is can we bring it back? The answer is YES you can bring it back and we will look to exchange it for you. Once it is returned, review the packaging material to see if the product has sustained exterior damage that may indicate it was dropped. Power the TV up to see if the crack was an impact from an exterior source. After you have made your review, you will have the necessary information to get the consumer to a YES position. In the case it was concealed damage – YES we have the exchange all written up and here is the replacement television. May I carry out for you? And our customer says YES! In the event that it shows that it was dropped, you can advise the consumer that the damage was received after it left our property as all items are checked and the box shows the new damage, you can advise the consumer YES it has sustained damage, and it was after it has left our custody, but YES we can assist in providing a new replacement at a reduction in the selling price. A solution of YES, and allowing the team to make the RIGHT decision.

It takes time and trust to create a culture of “YES” and it takes creative thinking to be able to always sustain a positive note even on or in a negative situation and be able to say YES! If you will adopt the concept of saying YES – and work towards a culture of creating Solutionist’s with degrees in YES, then, you will quickly see the results in in more satisfied customers, more and upbeat customer referrals, happier employees and an environment filled with positivity, you can see that correct? YES!