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In the world of taking care of customers, you really need to focus on the inner workings of the training of staff, and the creation of culture. Culture is one of the single most important elements of success in today’s business climate. In a world where the generational culture means having a conversation with Alexa or Google home, you’ve missed the boat.

Although the digital world is quickly moving in front of us, there are still 74.9 million baby boomers in the market place, and they still value human customer interaction. Plus, as the other generation’s age, they too become more dependent on the brick and mortar culture, the knowledge sales person, the experience. Yes a great deal of research is done in the digital world, but many transactions are still occurring on Main Street America, and it becomes critically important that the consumer have a stellar experience when they have those transactions.

To ensure that experience, I would ask you, as an owner, manager or supervisor, what actions are you taking to secure that? What culture do you have or are you building that allow your employees to soar like eagles? Or conversely, are you creating a stagnant pond culture where ducks waddle and puddle and quack about the problems of the day and ultimately get caught on the pond by the eagle!

Allow me to share the Umbrella Project. At the front door of our business you will find 2 or more umbrellas. The umbrellas get a lot of looks from our customers as they enter our building. Probably because we don’t sell umbrellas, we are an appliance and electronics and furniture dealer. Many people ask why, but on the days when the rains fall, whether it is a light gentle rain or a gully washer, our team stands ready to greet and assist those customers who want to come into our store by having us go out and bring an umbrella to walk them into the store or allows us to thank them and help them move forward in their busy life by escorting them to the car in the safety of dryness.

You won’t find “valet umbrellas” at the big box stores down the street, nor will you see the smiles that the umbrella creates during a gray, rainy day. Why? It’s very simple; the umbrella is a tool that allows our eagles to soar. You can do something similar, help them create a new and exciting and different environment that the consumer says “THANK YOU” or “I’ve never seen customer service like that!” or “What a clever idea”. It truly is the little things that create loyalty; you don’t need a Loyalty Rewards program, when you show your customers the simple “Diamond Rule of Caring”!

Find the “diamonds in the rough and use them to the advantage of your customer!!!