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Trust is not given, nor built – it is earned. In Business, in life, in community TRUST is one commodity that is critical to success. Success will not come if trust is not established and maintained, how are you doing with TRUST AT WORK?

You and your work environment must also have, and possess trust from the moment you start with the company. As an employee you will know immediately if that factor is present or not. So too will the employees you join; know if you possess trustworthy traits.

Trust is a foundational item, like brick, it is evident right away and is the blending agent and the structure to harmony and effective and efficient work environments. For me in our business the trust began in 1956 when our company was founded. That simple element has been the most important one and continues to be one of critical nature every single day. From The Founder down to every line of the flow chart, trust must be present, and must be acted on and built upon.

So as an owner or manager, for you to build or build upon trust, you must have integrity, must have a clear vision or mission and you must have people that work with you and know that they are partners in the process. Further you must have a team oriented goal structure to accomplish the already known mission.

If we break down these elements it looks like this this; Telling the truth – ALWAYS – Integrity is keeping the promises you make, and being transparent about those promises, especially when it revolves around wages and monies. Money and the challenges that surround it is the single largest breaker of integrity. Don’t fall into the money pit, because you will never get out.

As long as you are true to your idea, ideals, morals and values, being able to communicate those is the next step in building or building upon the foundation of trust. When communication is clear, associates know and understand and can fully engage in working towards fruition of the stated mission. That makes people feel good. Feel that they are part of a commonality that is a bigger picture and when success comes to that bigger picture, everyone associated with it WINS and shares in that emotional high. So making sure everyone knows your mission statement and value statement then when all the channels in your business have the same information flowing, it becomes very simple to get to the desired result.

So you can see that integrity which is transparent, attached with clear communication gets the machine up and running. And once the machine is moving it truly becomes your partners (associates) responsibilities to continue the building process. It doesn’t matter if an employee has been there 33 years or 33 minutes feels and knows and has been communicated that they are important, that their comments and abilities matter and are heard, they know they are part of the team. Reinforcement of the jobs that they do become paramount to continued successes of each employee and that drives more confidence and ultimately trust. Saying thanks, asking how a spouse or child is doing. Engaging them, allows our team to know WE CARE enough to truly inquire. That respect drives and earns respect, which is yet another arm of trust.

So to close – if we are truthful, Cleary communicating our goals, allowing our entire team to win and ensuring all feel as part of the team, that builds trust. You just have to do it every day…