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We all typically look in the mirror in the morning as we are preparing to begin our day. When you look at the mirror, what do you see?  What do you tell yourself? Do you provide yourself the opportunity to be the BEST or are you missing some of the important features of your every day YOU!

Quite possibly if you ask the question “Mirror Mirror on the wall”, you may be surprised what the mirror might tell you, or even more what it WON’T tell you.

  1. Super Bowl performance or Junior Varsity? Often times we ALL become complacent and skip the basics in our ever day job. Do you suppose that happens in the Super Bowl? The world of selling doesn’t allow for practice to occur on a customer’s dime. YOU need to be prepared and give a SUPER BOWL performance for every client, they deserve it!  In the world of selling, we are constantly moving; the challenge is are you moving forward or are you revisiting history and going backward?  The mirror can help you to look behind you as you go forward, remember always keep the customer in focus in front of you!
  2. Simplifying can create complex problems! When we become overwhelmed, we often time create simple answers to move through the moment. There are many times a sales associate will over-simplify the elements of a complex problem by sharing only the visible information right in front of them. When you can’t see the back of your head in a mirror, you need to either get another mirror or understand the complexity of working blind. By just simplifying the answer you may create more challenges than you have ever considered.  Take the time to get the mirrors, both of them in place!
  3. Check your baggage at the door!Even in a mirror, you will have blind spots and one of the most common ones and most dangerous is not being able to detach from the emotional segment of the sale. Selling associates who allow themselves to be emotionally invested the result of a transaction often time create a bias to make the outcome that they want more likely. By ingesting their emotional bias they lose focus on the features and the benefits that are most likely the key element in the product or service and fail to learn what their customers need, hence dropping the mirror and having 7 years bad luck!
  4. Be the CEOWhen you are not the CEO (Chief Experience Officer) You may find yourself behind the eight-ball in dealing with a quickly changing market. It’s all done with smoke and mirrors they say…but if you are not staying on top of market place activities and being up to date on all of the times surrounding a customer’s experience with your goods or service,  EVERYONE LOSES! As your own CEO you need to know that customers are coming to us for the experience, because we have the answers, we have the skills, we have the resources for the technologies and they know they can count on us to take care of all of their needs and desires as it relates to their business with us! When you as the CEO provide a spectacular experience – EVERYONE WINS!

Look in the mirror….REALLY LOOK

Look in the mirror and understand you are not only a selling CEO, YOU are also a customer!  Engage your customer like you would want to be engaged. I encourage you to think like your customers. Do you know and understand everything about them?  My guess the answer to that question is probably not.  Your most loyal customers are your best resource for creating more long term loyal customers. Talk to them and find out how you look to them, and work to create the same experiences for others just like them.  If you can continue to provide that experience that most all of us as customers are searching for, your customers will not switch. Conversely, your customers will share your mirror with friends and families and help build even more customers through satisfied referrals.