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In a world that is focused on being driven, going forward and achieving results based on how much you can do; how well you can do it, how fast it can be done, does not leave allowance for giving up! As a member of our Leadership team at Karl’s TV Audio & Appliance and as the President/CEO of Excellence One Consulting and the primary coach of Mo2vate to Win, I can guarantee you that GIVING UP is critical to finding the success you are striving for.

Give Up Short-term Focus. Success comes in setting long term goals of significance and creating short term daily habits to achieve that goal. The habits are movements that you embody in the everyday actions of achieving the long term goal. These habits are things you do because you want to, not because you have to. The continued actions of daily habits will deliver in sequence the desired result.

Give Up Excuses. Having had several crappy hands dealt to me, it was not the hand that I looked at, it was how was I going to play the hand. Could I leverage the cards in my hand called life? The answer is YES. We need to “own our life” because no one else is going to do that for us. Question; How do you eat an elephant? The simple answer; one bite at a time! Realistically I’ve never heard of anyone that has eaten an elephant, but I am keenly aware of how to dissect a problem into small manageable pieces and then create resolution and solution based answers. Can’t and won’t shall never be allowed to enter our thought process, because they are fuel for excuses!

Give Up striving for Perfection. Vince Lombardi said “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” I’m not certain that perfect has ever been achieved. So to chase something that truly doesn’t exists other than in your mind is simply silly. It would be beneficial to focus on attainability of the goal and create the daily habits that allow focus without excuses to reach the level of excellence you desire.

Give Up Toxic Relationships. Relationships that don’t focus on a two way street of respect and cooperation, most likely have levels of toxicity that are harmful to your everyday being and it would be in your best interest to sever. A good friend Dr. Lou George said, “I’m a surgeon trained to resect and surgically cut out; then treat!” I believe that is more than true in your business and personal relationships. If you have those people who bring angst and frustration and confusion to your work environment or personal circle, look to the surgical removal, and then treat the remaining challenge. Sometimes it means you must fully separate from the relationship, and its ok!!!!

Give Up Your Sh~~y Committee. Pity parties are usually reserved for the leadership of the “Shi~~y Committee”. If you will allow yourself to give up your seat on this committee, you will find that each of the elements discussed above will clear you of ever retaking a seat in this committee.

Focus on the positivity of your everyday, if you will look to GIVE UP, you will find that you gain so much in the many items that allow strength and success to be achieved simply because you have GIVEN UP!

Remember, One Step at a time, one day at a time – Every day Is a Gift!