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People often want something but have no idea how to achieve the desired result. They don’t have control or have knowledge or the resources to even try to obtain what they want. So how do we help ourselves get what we want?

The difference of getting what you want and receiving what you want starts and depends strictly on one factor, YOU!

It doesn’t matter which side of the railroad tracks you grew up on, it doesn’t matter the affluence of your family, if you’re tall or short, fat or skinny, what matters is that YOU have the ability to master the Law of Control. The Law of Control says that “you feel good about yourself to the degree to which you feel you are in control of your own life.” Why is that the key? Because we allow so many outside deviations to impact and effect our daily interactions, motions and conditions, that often we don’t feel like we are in control, a feeling that psychologists call the “locus of control” theory. When you are not or do not feel in control, it is hard to focus on much of anything let alone striving to reach a goal outside the normal parameters.

When using the Law of Control and implementing with it the Law of Cause and Effect, which states there is a reason for everything, these two principles fit snuggly like puzzle pieces and allow us to create the Law of Focus. This principle allows us to identify individually the components needed internally to move forward and to begin to move towards a level of achievement.

The Law of Focus provides time and clarity and allows for a positive mental attitude in YOU which allows you the necessary internal resources to look deep and analyze. Having this ability allows to be able to more easily break down the individual needs and to determine the next step in processing. When you are able to have the needed focus you have implemented calm into the equation. Control, Cause and Effect along with Focus create the environment that is needed to allow for you to ask yourself the right questions, allow for you to think the process thru and locate the needed resources and it creates a much more palatable environment for achievement.

My real life example; I have always wanted to write a book. I had no idea of what the content should be, I didn’t know if it would be fiction, a how to book, or what the focus of the book would be. Having understood the Law of Control, and the Law of Cause and Effect, which helped create the Law of Focus I was able within a relatively short two weeks to begin to “go get it”! I am currently 23 chapters completed, and have a self-imposed deadline of February 2015. The meeting with publishers will be forth coming because of the LAW OF FOCUS and we will see the fruits of WANTING IT and GOING TO GET IT!

I know firsthand that desired results are only achieved by dedication to numerous principles in business and life and working hard to achieve through all of the foibles we call life.