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Ever heard the saying? Why do people want to know if it’s easy?  Are they afraid of hard work?

Everything in life requires elements of work. It is my observation that all things that deliver rock solid results or profits also involve effort over a beyond. Look at the Olympic athlete, the professional football player, the highest earning commissioned sales associate.  All exert tremendous efforts and the results are most commonly very positive.  Look around your circle of influence. See the people and the businesses that drive the most success. Do you think that they asked “is it easy?”

Success in not necessarily financial, but getting to the success requires building. And that building requires a solid foundation. To begin building the foundation, you will find that footings or bedrock be found.  Only then does the footings or the bedrock allow for the stability it needs to hold the rest of your structure.  That is true in our professional life and our everyday life.

Some people hold a perspective of “No pain no gain”. While that is certainly a motivating ideal it also defines the answer to the question we asked above, no it is not easy! Easy money is easily lost, whereas hard earned money is often well invested! Therefor the value is less and the perception of value is decreased. Simply put, if it is easy to gain it is easy to lose.

To excavate to reach the bedrock or footing and prepare the area to begin to build your foundation, most definitely is not easy, whether that is accomplished by hand and shovel or heavy equipment, but it is extremely important and critical to achieve. Only then can you sustain the rest of the structure you will place upon the foundation that rests on the bedrock.

Let it be the same in business as in life; allow each success to be the bricks of your building. Each brick is a hard fought success and as you earn each brick, place it on your foundation and watch your structure of life grow.  Your personal integrity is the same; let it becomes a structure that provides your internal and external leadership, your happiness and all of those items combined drives financial comfort, a home, and a place to be proud. Is it easy……..  Only you get to answer that!