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I don’t like change, I don’t like it at work, or at the gym and I certainly don’t like it in my pocket!!!

What I do like is providing solutions to overcome change. Change is inevitable. How we manage change, conflict, irritation, frustration, problems and opportunities in daily life and business make all the difference. That management tool? I call it being a Solutionist! And when you’re a solutionist, the change quickly becomes dollar bills in your pocket!

The challenges that we face every day at work and home are much like water. And if we allow the water to run by itself, it will run the lay of the land and the problem (water) will determine and define the path as it searches for the least resistant one.

Recognizing that problems are only solutions unrealized, we then need to identify the opportunities to a positive outcome, a solution. By challenging yourself to think differently, to train your brain to identify a problem and engage your brain immediately begin processing positive solutions that will erase or remove the obstacle that is in front of you, you are on the path to becoming a solutionist.

Note that you must always be thinking of solutions – sometimes in advance of the problem, and when a problem or challenge presents begin to place solutions on the table. The more solutions you can provide the easier it becomes to identify the right one. It doesn’t matter if you use ratios of 2-to-1 or 10-to-1 what matters is the more solutions you have the easier it is.

What you will find is that some of your solutions are silly, crazy, and phenomenal. The crazy thing is, sometimes the very best solution is the silliest one you came up with. Those solutions, often time will catapult into bigger and better and more profitable changes!

Keep in mind that when you start shot gunning solutions, they should be ones that could potentially be implemented, probably should be implemented, and then follow through with implementation of the one you choose.

Remember, this is a process, and one that grows with you and for you, and is in continuous motion. As you practice, you will become better. It is so powerful and it works so well that we put it in NEON YELLOW and let everyone know – we are SOLUTIONISTS!!