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A positive, resourceful, dedicated to the employees and consumer driven leader that has achieved success in the independent retail market in critical areas most notably in customer service and management. Understanding that service is the key strategic element and distinguishing himself and the business as such, has brought them both notice as a leader in the company, market and community. All of which has resulted in increased market share and a solid business reputation.

Focuses include consumer experience and service at all levels of customer contact. Understanding the sales process co-mingled with education of staff the importance of the service provided at all levels of the experience to include sales, service, warehouse operations, delivery brings the overall effect of the business to the customers first hand. Further areas include strategic planning to allow for growth and profitability all through sales management,coaching and leadership skills that continue to improve all members of the team and companies.

In addition an energetic speaker, that provides insight of the sales experience laced with humor and customer service anecdotes and elements to reach other professionals and help educate and increase profitability by coaching on the importance of the shopping experience of all customers across generational boundaries.