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Your Best Investment that provides 100% Return

Dollar for dollar, pound for pound, investing in yourself is simply the best investment you can make and will provide 100% ROI (Return On Investment).

You may have heard, the plumbers house has the worst plumbing in town, well if that old adage has any truth to it, you know and understand that life gets in the way, and the plumber is too busy fixing everyone else’s problems to focus on his own, and that is the same challenge we all face in creating the best investment we can own – OURSELVES!

Far too often we allow ourselves to let other people’s needs take a precedent over our own. In this venue you need to own the time and the resources so that you can invest in you. To achieve the 100% ROI you must make the decision to make the investment and stick to it!

Consider this, have you ever invested money into either a stock or a savings account, chances are you experienced growth, a reasonable ROI. How about going to bed a little earlier and getting extra sleep, did you wake feeling more rested? Another ROI. What about personal exercise, the ROI from those routines is all dependent on the amount you invest! The key is YOU, how are YOU investing?

The benefit of self-investment is that there is never a risk because it always pays off. I would surmise that even the apparently harmful investments actually pay dividends because you have learned. So how do you invest in yourself?

Capitalize on your passion. By identifying the things that allow you to become fully engaged you find new opportunities, you will find that many of those passions already surround you in your current job and you can facilitate them to become a large asset in your everyday life as well as your professional life

Invest in relationships. Investing your time is the most important component to any relationship. Invest that time as a friend, it creates trust. Invest in that relations by listening it creates reliability. A friend who is trusted and reliable will always be received as valuable and you will be rewarded a great ROI.

Invest in becoming a better communicator. Communication is vitally important. You should communicate with those relationships in the manner that they feel most comfortable. If they send a text, respond the same. Email or phone, you follow suit. And don’t wait, the longer you take between visits, the less important the content and relationship become.

Don’t be like the plumber, rather have him come and install the fountain of Investment in your world.